Husband-and- wife designer-makers Nicola and Christopher Cox have opened their first showroom in Pimlico’s vibrant design district. The space, which complements their existing North London studio, gallery and bronze foundry, showcases an enticing range of sculpture-based furniture and lighting, each made in-house by a small team of specialists. Christopher tells us more….

Tell us what prompted you to open a store in Pimlico? 

I have known Pimlico Road since my childhood. I was born into three generations of antique dealers and it was always talked about as where the best pieces ended up. Nicola and have always harboured a hope that we may open shop there. Nowhere else in London has ever appealed.

How does the new space complement your existing premises?

It’s a bijou version of our much larger premises in London, which features an industrial space next to our workshops. Being extremely house proud we have put our Cox stamp on all of our spaces. It’s very important to us that the Pimlico shop, our studio and even our production office speak of artistry. We are sculptors and aesthetes, we could never live or work in a space that isn’t considered.

How would you describe your design ethos?

It’s sculptural with a huge emphasis on materials, and a healthy respect for the past. We are frequently inspired by the natural world too.

What new products and ranges do you have up your sleeve?

We never stop adding to our line; it’s an organic and artist-led process. The pieces we create are never dictated by commerce or fashion – we only make objects that really interest us as artists. Our oak leaf lighting range is now more extensive than ever and we have new wall lights, bronze fragment lamps and tables too.

How did your partnership come about?

We met studying Fine Art sculpture at Wimbledon in the early 1990s and shared interests in all of the decorative arts. Our practices were different but complementary – bronze founding versus forging, mould making versus metal fabricating. We set up home together after graduating and married soon after that. After working at individual trades for some years, Nicola bronze founding and me in antique restoration, we founded our joint studio at home and it grew steadily from there.

Tell us more about the team of specialists that you work with

There are twenty of us at Cox London now, but for the first few years it was just the two of us. I could design and make a chandelier or a lantern from beginning to end, while Nicola could sculpt, mould and cast a bronze from start to finish, including all of the welding, metal chasing and patination. We worked very hard, seven days a week for years.

What makes Cox London unique?

Everything we sell is designed and created by us in our own London workshops. We know how our pieces are made and why we make them. The team we have built over fifteen years is a perfect combination of art school graduates, engineers and career metal workers. They all work together exceptionally well and none of us stop learning from one another.

Cox London, 194 Ebury Street, London SW1W 8UP, 020 3328 9506,

Images courtesy of Cox London

Words by Emma J Page